Growing quality foliage and flowering plants for over a century.

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We are family-run business with third and fourth generation growers. We grow quality foliage and flowering plants including hydrangeas, Easter lilies, Easter mums, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, flowering hanging baskets, fall garden mums and Christmas poinsettias.

Happenings Around the Greenhouses

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  • First of the Fall Mums Starting to Show Color

    We have yellow 6″ fall mums in color, and 6″ just starting to show color in orange/rust and red/burgundy. We anticipate our 8″ fall mums will be showing color in about a week, and our 12″ fall mums in about 1-2 weeks. Call 407-463-3166 or email us at [email protected] to place an order!  

  • Mona Lisa Lipstick Hanging Baskets in Bud and Blooming Soon

    Mona Lisa Lipstick Hanging Baskets

    Our Mona Lisa Lipstick 8″ Hanging Baskets are in bud and will be blooming soon. Check out the Mona Lisa Lipstick baskets from last year:

  • 2014 Christmas Poinsettia Price List Now Available

    6.5" Poinsettias

    Our 2014 Christmas Poinsettia price list/flyer is now available. The poinsettia crop is looking great! Below are pictures of our 6.5″ poinsettias and some of the 10″ poinsettias. We’ve already started taking orders – for a copy of the price list or to place your order call 407-886-8682 or email [email protected] For sizes and colors, check out […]